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The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Wedding Website

Today almost everything is being done digitally. You have a tight budget and you are saving on every penny so that your wedding would be a success. That is why you are advised to have a wedding website. You can use this instead of the traditional wedding cards. After all, it is faster and easier than sending cards.

How to create a website.

  • Decide on the platform.

Just go online and google wedding website. There are so many companies that will let you signup and come up with your personal wedding website at no fee at all. But to get other complicated serves, you might be asked to upgrade to a premium account. Still upgrading will cost less compared to issuing invitation cards. These sites include Riley & Grey, Squarespace etc.

  • Decide on the domain.

This is the name through which people would be able to access your wedding website. It is sometimes referred to as web address. It could be as simple as Some companies like The Knot give free website hence they will give you a domain. However, you can customize it so that people wouldn’t have to enter complicated addresses to reach your website. This would only be possible for a fee.

  • Look for a template

These websites have premade templates that are very attractive. To attract your guests to your wedding your website must have a classy and elegant look. There are templates that you can choose from. Some websites even allow you to play around with the colour that will suit your wedding colour scheme. You can also find photos and even upload some of your own to make your website even tastier.

  • Make it interactive.

One of the main objectives of a good wedding website is being interactive. It should be user-friendly and easy to use. The information should be categorized in a way that will create more interest, not boredom. Most people make a mistake of putting information anyhow without any formula. These categories below would go a long way in helping you arrange the information in an attractive way.

  1. Wedding information.

This will have information about the date of the wedding, venue, dressing code, time, information about reception and in some websites, a google map.

  1. Our story.

This category will have information about how you met and generally about your love story. Make it interesting and real.

Trust me, this is the first place your guests will click whenever they visit your wedding website. Ensure to keep them entertained. Upload good quality pictures. Bad quality pictures make a poor-quality website.

  1. Travel

This will include travel information on how your guests can make it to the venue.

In case you are providing accommodation, this segment will include where your guest will sleep, information about their meals etc.

It is very important to give a contact information in case any guest has a question and needs clarification

Weddings are beautiful. However, they are very stressful and tedious to plan. Make your work easier by having your personal wedding website. I hope this information goes a long way in helping you make your day a success. Cheers!!!…

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Honeymoon Planning Tips

When it comes to weddings, it’s safe to say we’ve all thought about what our perfect day looks like. Some of us even have the whole thing planned out and will not sacrifice our vision, DAVE! Excuse me. I went a little Bridezilla for a second, there. We put so much thought into our weddings, of course, because of their importance as a milestone in our lives. Our wedding is the day that we finally joined our special someone in holy matrimony, civil union, or whatever your needs demand. However, wedding planning is hard work and eats up a lot of time, so many of us neglect planning our honeymoon with quite the same vigor. And, that’s a shame.

There’s this idea about funerals that feel also applies to weddings. This idea is that the funeral is not for the deceased who, in theory, isn’t even present, but for the mourners. Weddings strike me in much the same way, though, admittedly, I suffer from social anxiety. The honeymoon, however, is for no one but the newlywed couple, so it deserves more focus, in my opinion. While I can’t speak to the travel destination meant for two soul mates, I can offer some general travel advice to help you plan your honeymoon.

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First and foremost, make all of your reservations early. This means booking a flight, if necessary, the hotel, of course, and an Enterprise rental car, if needed. You’ll want these booked early for a couple of reasons. Firstly, this allows you to worry about putting together an itinerary, for example, without having to fret over travel arrangements and accommodations. The other great benefit of this is that you have more time to change plans if need be, and if something goes wrong with your reservation, you’ll have more time to be notified of the issue.You’ll want to pack early, too, but this is easier said than done, considering you’ll need a lot of items you use everyday. Therefore, it’s a great idea to buy duplicates of your tooth brushes, tooth paste, deodorant, feminine hygiene products if necessary, etc. You’ll want to make sure to pack enough clothes. A general rule is to assemble a unique outfit for each day of the honeymoon with a few extra items just in case. Don’t forget your passport, for international trips, as well as your driver’s license or state or federal ID.…

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What To Include In A Wedding Website To Make it Actually Useful

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but using a wedding website can significantly reduce that stress! Many brides have found that the invention of the technology and software that allows planning your entire wedding online can be one of the most helpful tools in your wedding planning toolbox.

Remember, your wedding is about you – and your website should be too!

When designing your wedding website, remember it’s ok to make it all about you! Your wedding is your special day and your website should be catered to you as well. Think of it as a tool that will make your life easier by making your guests lives easier and add information according. According to recent studies, the most frequently visited page on a personal wedding website was the registry. Don’t be afraid to add things to it! You want to make sure that you give your guests options in a variety of price ranges. It doesn’t hurt to add a few expensive things; you may be surprised! A good suggestion is to add registry items that are purchasable both in store and online for guests who don’t have easy access to shopping centers. Don’t spend a lot of time tweaking your wedding website unless it gives you joy, though. It should be fun!

Give instructions!

When guests visit your personal wedding website, they’re looking for information. Don’t be afraid to sound bossy – give them all the information they need and avoid frantic phone calls looking for last minute hotel directions. Also include any information you think would be helpful, like suggestions about dress code (example – outdoor wedding may not be the best venue for high heels!) or weather related recommendations. Think like a guest! Your wedding website can be the go to instead of your wedding party – they’ll thank you! A good rule of thumb is to make sure your personal wedding website includes how to get to the ceremony, what time it starts, if it’s a cash bar (especially if there is no ATM available at the venue) and good local recommendations for where to stay.

Don’t forget your bio!

Remember, your personal wedding website is about you! You should definitely include a bio that includes pictures, how you met and other important information about you as a couple. People enjoy love stories, and your guests would love to know that information so that they can better celebrate you as a couple. Remember, your friends and family may bring “plus ones” that don’t know you personally, and what better way to introduce people to you and your love. Some couples choose to honor their bridal party on their wedding website as well – sometimes with pictures or with bios of who they are and how they are important in your lives.

Planning a website can be stressful. Reduce your stress by using a wedding website to point guests in the right direction and provide not only useful information but also tell your love story!…

How to Budget for a Wedding


You can use a Wedding budget tool to make sure that you are staying on a budget when you are planning your wedding. But, there are also some other things that you can do to ensure that you are sticking to your budget and not spend more than what you have planned.  These are some ways that you can make sure that you are staying on budget and tips on how to budget when you are organizing your wedding.


Planning is the first thing that you need to do, when you are organizing your wedding. Especially, if you have a strict budget that you need to follow.

You can’t start using the wedding budget tool, if you don’t have a plan about what you want to do with your wedding. You should have an idea what you want to have and what you need to purchase for the wedding.

Finding the best budget tool

Now, with the planning behind you, you need to find a Wedding Budget calculator or tool that you can use to ensure that you have a good, budget plan.

With this tool, you can make sure that you are aware about the budget that you have set for each item that you need to purchase for the wedding, and you will know when you are starting to go over your budget. This tool is a great way or organizing everything so that you can stay in budget.

Don’t add things to your list of things you need

When you have planned the list of things you should purchase for the wedding, you don’t add anything else to the list. It is so easy to see new things that you want to add to the wedding, as you are organizing it.

This is where most people are starting to go over their budget. Stick to the list that you created and to the budget you have set on the wedding budget tool. You will not have trouble with the budget then.

Don’t go over your budget

No matter what you are doing, you don’t go over your budget that you have set with the wedding budget calculator. Even, if the flowers, for example, are costing more than what you have the budget for. If something is more expensive that what you initially thought, you need to reconsider your choices. Going over your budget, isn’t an option.

You might think that this is only going to be a couple of dollars overspending on a certain item. But, if you are going to overspend a couple of dollars at each item, it is going to be a small fortune at the end of the day.

Planning a wedding is stressful enough. Staying on budget while planning your budget is even tougher; this is why you should do everything possible to make sure that you know your budget and that you are sticking to your budget. No matter what it is! Luckily, there are some great tools online that you can use for planning your budget. With the wedding budget tool, you will have less chance of overspending and breaking the budget for your wedding:

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Wedding Colors and Themes: How to Choose a Color As Your Wedding Theme

A marriage is a special occasion when two people join together to start a brand new family. Having a beautiful wedding to mark this special occasion is something that almost every couple enjoys. The bride and groom would like nothing more than to have a wedding ceremony and reception that is memorable and fun for all the guests in attendance. Read reviews about wedding color straight from the source.

Wedding colors and themes play a big role in making the day truly unique. Choosing a great theme and color combination for the wedding using a handy wedding color picker makes the rest of the wedding planning process a lot simpler. Just make sure that everything else that is arranged from the decorations to the cake is made to match.

Wedding colors and themes work side by side to set the mood and the ambiance of the celebration. If the cake, dresses, flowers, favors, and decorations all go together fittingly, it sets an important tone for the entire wedding ceremony and reception. Themes and colors matched using a wedding color picker can either create a romantic atmosphere, a fun atmosphere or whatever else you want your wedding to convey. Think of how you want your ideal wedding to feel like and decide from there the appropriate theme and colors.

Here are some wedding colors and themes specifically for the different seasons of the year.


Summer is probably the best season to get married. This season offers a wide variety of colors to choose from for your wedding. You can have lavender, aqua, red, fuchsia, yellow, pink, orange, lime or any combination of these colors can be created using your wedding color picker. Most people would love to be outdoors, so why not hold your wedding at the beach or a garden? Having nature as your theme is both simple and very romantic.


If you think that autumn is a season with limited colors and themes to choose from then you would be wrong. If you are someone who loves deep rich colors, then a fall wedding is ideal for you. For this particular season, you can use a lot of orange, dark purple, chocolate, red, and olive colors. Even though you don’t necessarily have to pick a theme that has to do with the season itself, it’s still fun to have a wedding inspired by the beauty autumn leaves.



If you have been dreaming of a winter wonderland wedding, you are not alone. Of course, the main color of winter is white. You may opt to go with an all-white wedding theme, which is both enchanting and absolutely gorgeous. However, you may also combine white with other colors such as periwinkle, gold, red, green, or silver. Holiday themes and fairytale themes are ideal for this time of year. For more details, go to


Another beautiful season to get married is spring. It is the season where the world around us comes alive, bursting with wonderful colors. Garden wedding is the most popular theme in the springtime. The beauty of nature is very evident. You can use a myriad colors for your wedding, from light pastel colors to bright and vibrant colors. It is a season full of natural inspiration, just look around you to get some great wedding theme ideas. Above all, make sure you use a wedding color picker to get that perfect wedding color coordination.…

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The Best Wedding Color Themes for a Stylish, Flawless Wedding Ceremony And Reception

There are a few things which should be considered a top priority when it comes to organizing a stylish, over-the-top wedding, like choosing the location, the decor and the wedding color themes. This last element is particularly important, due to its tremendous visual impact. The first thing you should do, is consider a wedding color picker. The color theme should blend effortlessly with all your decorative elements, creating a coherent whole. Of course, you simply adore warm, delicate pastel colors, but you are also inexplicably attracted to those crazy, vibrant shades.

So you might have a lot of questions on your mind right now like: How could I pick the right color palette on my own using a wedding color picker? Should I count on expert advice ensured by a professional wedding decorator? Which elements should I take into consideration before making a decision? Use the tips and tricks provided below to organize the perfect wedding ceremony and reception, while reaching an ideal chromatic balance.

1. Opt for one color scheme and make sure you integrate your favor color in it

Depending on your budget, tastes, expectations and wedding location, you could opt for a simple or a more complex color scheme using a wedding color picker. Integrate your favorite color in it and then use different tones to make the decor more appealing (sticking to just one color could make your guests consider it dull and monotone). So once you have determined the right shades, now’s the time to order your flower arrangements, wedding invitations, bridesmaids’ dresses, ribbons, cake and all your decorations based on your wedding color theme. Visit their official website for additional details about wedding color picker.

2. Moderation and tastefulness – the key to a classy wedding ceremony and reception

Your wedding day is your chance to shine and to reveal your excellent sense of style. Your decorations and your wedding color themes must be simple and tasteful. Don’t try to impress by investing a lot of money in flower arrangements, ribbons and other décor elements painted in extravagant colors. Also, don’t try to mix and match different colors which have absolutely nothing in common – use a wedding color picker to find the perfect color bend. If you were to follow this approach (especially without consulting a professional decorator) the final result would be disastrous! Keep it simple. A few colorful details are enough to create a stylish ambiance; you don’t need to blend hundreds of shades to obtain something truly beautiful and eye-catchy. Remember that this is not a coloring competition; it is your wedding preparation process.

3. Take potential impediments and limitations into consideration

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As a future bride, you definitely have a lot of ideas. You want to express your creativity and your outgoing personality by selecting some of the rarest, most spectacular wedding color themes. Be careful though, you might have to comply with certain rules which will significantly reduce your enthusiasm and your desire to blend colors as you please. For instance, more than a few churches won’t accept out of the ordinary color pallets. In this particular situation, the best option is to choose two different wedding color themes, a softer one for the wedding ceremony, and the one that your heart desires for the wedding reception, to avoid unpleasant situations. Read latest news and updates at

Also, before selecting the ideal shades with a wedding color picker make sure you visit the wedding location at least once. Some sites may be decorated in a certain manner which doesn’t grant you a significant creative freedom. In this case, make sure the shades included in your wedding color theme are complementary to the main colors of the site. Analyze all the details (paintings, walls, furniture, decorative elements, ceiling and curtains) to be able to reach an optimal chromatic balance. Your wedding color theme and your wedding decorations should send a positive message, expressing your excitement and all your other powerful emotions, but keep it simple; otherwise these important elements will be considered a mere distraction or a tacky, failed attempt to bring out your inner stylist.…

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How to Pick Flowers That Go With Your Wedding Colors

Nothing spells romance more than the scent and beauty of fresh flowers on your wedding day.

Choosing the color of your flowers for your wedding day can be solely is based on your favorite color or your favorite flower. First things first. Try using a wedding color picker to make choosing the perfect flowers for your wedding even easier.

If you have a favorite flower, choosing the colors will generally follow the flower. If you will use your favorite color, here are some suggestions of flowers under that shade:

-Pink Flowers – Calla Lily, Baby’s Breath, Tulip, Carnation, Pink Rose, Dahlia, Daisy
-Red flowers – Red Rose, Chrysanthemum, Red Tulip
-White Flowers – Lily of the Valley, Daffodil, Gladiola, White Rose, Orchid

You may also want to consider the meaning or the values these flowers represent that while you may have chosen a flower based on your favorite flower, still consult the list below for the things that the certain flower represent: Visit this website for more detailed information.


Red roses have always been used to symbolize love. White rose is considered the color/flower that symbolizes loyalty and pure intentions. Pink roses show gentleness and elegance.

You can use roses in almost all set-ups such as bouquets, corsage or centerpiece.


Amongst Christians, lilies symbolize pure love. Generally, they are the flowers that are majestic, pure and innocent. For modern themes, calla lilies are the ones generally used.


Feelings of love and a show of beauty is what orchids generally show. This popular choice for weddings is made available all year long.


Considered as the flower of love, this flower can be combined with other flowers for its beauty to truly standout.

And finally, here are some considerations that you should bear in mind when you have to start from scratch in choosing your wedding flowers.

Your personal style

You can choose flowers, and then pick the color of the flower that is nearer or complements the shade of your wedding motif, which you can decide upon when using your wedding color picker. You can also choose to be more contemporary and choose grasses and herbs – you can then pick the colors based on your motif as well.

Use the color wheel

While today’s modern style will allow you to choose anything and have any color combination. However, you may choose to go classic and be safe with your color combination by choosing varying shades in the same color.

Be overall coordinated

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While you feel a pink flower is already coordinated with your overall pink motif, you can still check by borrowing swatches from the makers of your gown and see which shade of pink they are using.

The wedding invitations: use your wedding color picker or allow graphic designers can take any swatch you give them and perfectly match the Pantone color to your wedding invitations. Because your wedding invitations are the first taste your guests are getting of the wedding, it’s important to go all out and show off everything that expresses your overall wedding theme. Need more additional tips? visit

Flowers: No matter what the color you are certain to find beautiful blooms that will match. The flowers, of course, may not available at that time of year or affordable. Keep in mind many of the exotic flowers that match these bold colors will be shipped from countries in South America, Holland and even Japan. The best advice is to talk about your wedding color scheme chosen by using your wedding color picker over with your florist. If you aren’t able to pay for the expensive flowers, they may be able to suggest cheaper alternatives that will still match your wedding colors.

If you want the exact same shade, the shade of your pink flower may be lighter than the pink fabric. Remember that not because a certain color looks good for the flowers, it doesn’t necessarily follow that the same shade will look good when it is translated to fabric.…