Month: August 2017

Honeymoon Planning Tips

When it comes to weddings, it’s safe to say we’ve all thought about what our perfect day looks like. Some of us even have the whole thing planned out and will not sacrifice our vision, DAVE! Excuse me. I went a little Bridezilla for a second, there. We put so much thought into our weddings, of course, because of their importance as a milestone in our lives. Our wedding is the day that we finally joined our special someone in holy matrimony, civil union, or whatever your needs demand. However, wedding planning is hard work and eats up a lot of time, so many of us neglect planning our honeymoon with quite the same vigor. And, that’s a shame.

There’s this idea about funerals that feel also applies to weddings. This idea is that the funeral is not for the deceased who, in theory, isn’t even present, but for the mourners. Weddings strike me in much the same way, though, admittedly, I suffer from social anxiety. The honeymoon, however, is for no one but the newlywed couple, so it deserves more focus, in my opinion. While I can’t speak to the travel destination meant for two soul mates, I can offer some general travel advice to help you plan your honeymoon.

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First and foremost, make all of your reservations early. This means booking a flight, if necessary, the hotel, of course, and an Enterprise rental car, if needed. You’ll want these booked early for a couple of reasons. Firstly, this allows you to worry about putting together an itinerary, for example, without having to fret over travel arrangements and accommodations. The other great benefit of this is that you have more time to change plans if need be, and if something goes wrong with your reservation, you’ll have more time to be notified of the issue.You’ll want to pack early, too, but this is easier said than done, considering you’ll need a lot of items you use everyday. Therefore, it’s a great idea to buy duplicates of your tooth brushes, tooth paste, deodorant, feminine hygiene products if necessary, etc. You’ll want to make sure to pack enough clothes. A general rule is to assemble a unique outfit for each day of the honeymoon with a few extra items just in case. Don’t forget your passport, for international trips, as well as your driver’s license or state or federal ID.…

What To Include In A Wedding Website To Make it Actually Useful

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but using a wedding website can significantly reduce that stress! Many brides have found that the invention of the technology and software that allows planning your entire wedding online can be one of the most helpful tools in your wedding planning toolbox.

Remember, your wedding is about you – and your website should be too!

When designing your wedding website, remember it’s ok to make it all about you! Your wedding is your special day and your website should be catered to you as well. Think of it as a tool that will make your life easier by making your guests lives easier and add information according. According to recent studies, the most frequently visited page on a personal wedding website was the registry. Don’t be afraid to add things to it! You want to make sure that you give your guests options in a variety of price ranges. It doesn’t hurt to add a few expensive things; you may be surprised! A good suggestion is to add registry items that are purchasable both in store and online for guests who don’t have easy access to shopping centers. Don’t spend a lot of time tweaking your wedding website unless it gives you joy, though. It should be fun!

Give instructions!

When guests visit your personal wedding website, they’re looking for information. Don’t be afraid to sound bossy – give them all the information they need and avoid frantic phone calls looking for last minute hotel directions. Also include any information you think would be helpful, like suggestions about dress code (example – outdoor wedding may not be the best venue for high heels!) or weather related recommendations. Think like a guest! Your wedding website can be the go to instead of your wedding party – they’ll thank you! A good rule of thumb is to make sure your personal wedding website includes how to get to the ceremony, what time it starts, if it’s a cash bar (especially if there is no ATM available at the venue) and good local recommendations for where to stay.

Don’t forget your bio!

Remember, your personal wedding website is about you! You should definitely include a bio that includes pictures, how you met and other important information about you as a couple. People enjoy love stories, and your guests would love to know that information so that they can better celebrate you as a couple. Remember, your friends and family may bring “plus ones” that don’t know you personally, and what better way to introduce people to you and your love. Some couples choose to honor their bridal party on their wedding website as well – sometimes with pictures or with bios of who they are and how they are important in your lives.

Planning a website can be stressful. Reduce your stress by using a wedding website to point guests in the right direction and provide not only useful information but also tell your love story!…