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The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Wedding Website

Today almost everything is being done digitally. You have a tight budget and you are saving on every penny so that your wedding would be a success. That is why you are advised to have a wedding website. You can use this instead of the traditional wedding cards. After all, it is faster and easier than sending cards.

How to create a website.

  • Decide on the platform.

Just go online and google wedding website. There are so many companies that will let you signup and come up with your personal wedding website at no fee at all. But to get other complicated serves, you might be asked to upgrade to a premium account. Still upgrading will cost less compared to issuing invitation cards. These sites include Riley & Grey, Squarespace etc.

  • Decide on the domain.

This is the name through which people would be able to access your wedding website. It is sometimes referred to as web address. It could be as simple as Some companies like The Knot give free website hence they will give you a domain. However, you can customize it so that people wouldn’t have to enter complicated addresses to reach your website. This would only be possible for a fee.

  • Look for a template

These websites have premade templates that are very attractive. To attract your guests to your wedding your website must have a classy and elegant look. There are templates that you can choose from. Some websites even allow you to play around with the colour that will suit your wedding colour scheme. You can also find photos and even upload some of your own to make your website even tastier.

  • Make it interactive.

One of the main objectives of a good wedding website is being interactive. It should be user-friendly and easy to use. The information should be categorized in a way that will create more interest, not boredom. Most people make a mistake of putting information anyhow without any formula. These categories below would go a long way in helping you arrange the information in an attractive way.

  1. Wedding information.

This will have information about the date of the wedding, venue, dressing code, time, information about reception and in some websites, a google map.

  1. Our story.

This category will have information about how you met and generally about your love story. Make it interesting and real.

Trust me, this is the first place your guests will click whenever they visit your wedding website. Ensure to keep them entertained. Upload good quality pictures. Bad quality pictures make a poor-quality website.

  1. Travel

This will include travel information on how your guests can make it to the venue.

In case you are providing accommodation, this segment will include where your guest will sleep, information about their meals etc.

It is very important to give a contact information in case any guest has a question and needs clarification

Weddings are beautiful. However, they are very stressful and tedious to plan. Make your work easier by having your personal wedding website. I hope this information goes a long way in helping you make your day a success. Cheers!!!